Diamond Endless Loop Wire Saw Products Properties

Diamond Wire Loop Products Properties

High efficiency cutting

Fast speed cutting from 40m/s to 60m/s

Self strong cutting ability
High precision cutting

One-way cutting

Tiny thickness variation

Compared with other diamond cutting tools, the Loop diamond wire is a flexible tool:

1)Not only can be used for straight line cutting, but also curved surface cutting;

2)Not subject to the shape of the surface of the object;

3)The workplace requires simply, but large area cutting can be carried on;

4)The use of diamond wire saw can improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution.

Due to the above advantages, the market shares of diamond wires are getting bigger and bigger, and the scope of application is getting wider and wider.

Diamond Endless Wire Saw
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Diamond Loop Wire Saw
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Diamond Endless Loop Wire Saw
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Diamond Precision Wire Saw
Diamond Precision Wire Saw
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